1 Year Contest-Prep



This program is designed to prepare you to present your best form on stage and get you on a new fitness level.
Within one year we will guide you through stages of muscle building as well as fat loss and contest prep.
The plans will be based on your goals, specific needs and daily routine. Before starting on your customized program you will receive a form* that helps us to get to know you and design the perfect plans for you.


What you get:

  • customized nutrition and workout plans
  • stages of this program include muscle building and fat-loss/prep
  • supplement recommandation and cardio schedules
  • weekly photo analysis and/or measuring body fat percentage in person**
  • adjustments to all plans based on your weekly updates
  • detailed and in-depth consultation via email/skype/facetime or in person**
  • unlimited contact (via email, texts, phone, etc.) for any concerns or questions
  • full „Peek Week“ plan and in-depth consultation
  • Posing coaching (in person** or via Facetime/Skype)

*This form will be sent to you via email after payment is completed
**in person consultations apply only to those in the area


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