Hi, I am Lena.
This is how my fitness journey started:

As a kid I was never really into any sports and I grew up as a very big, chubby child.
In my early teenage years I started to notice how my weight impacted me. I was very unhappy with myself and embarrassed of my looks which made me start exercising and changing my eating habits.

That’s when my passion for lifting started.
In many years of hitting the gym I tried basically everything. After a couple of ups and downs of gaining a lot of weight just to lose some again, I began to understand what worked best for me so I continuously learned more about nutrition and working out.

I saw how lifting not only changed how I looked but also how I thought of myself and how I presented myself. When people started to ask for help, I noticed that I wanted to help others with their fitness goals, which made me want to be a coach.

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