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This is a custom-made workout plan designed to help you get the most out of your workouts as well as making exercising fun.
We include a variety of exercises that enable reaching different goals, such as muscle growth, weight loss and/or overall toning your body.
To customize the perfect plan for you, you will receive a form* that helps us understand more about you and the plan you need to achieve the long-term results you are striving for.
Considering your daily routines, limitations in time, as well as physical abilities we make sure your workouts fit your knowledge and current performance. With that we will help you reach new levels in the gym.**
You will receive one of many workout techniques that we offer. It’ll be one that fits you and your goals to get the most out of your training and to guarantee the best results.


What you get:

  • one customized workout plan
  • one of a many workout programs varying from up to 6 training days if wanted and needed
  • each day will have a full set of exercises for that certain muscle group; you will also be given the amount of sets and repetitions
  • suggested cardio schedule


*After payment is completed you will receive a form via email
**gym required for this plan


1 review for Workout Plan

  1. Krug

    Guter Workout Plan, bin gespannt auf die Ergebnisse…!

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