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The “insurance policy” for every athlete and non-athlete that ensures that no shortage of any essential vitamin or mineral can affect your maximum performance, your muscle growth or your health!

  • optimally adapted to the increased vitamin and mineral requirements of intensively training athletes and bodybuilders
  • provides you with all the micronutrients you need for optimal performance, good health and maximum muscle growth
  • high-dose vitamins and minerals
  • does not contain insane, arbitrary mega-dosages of vitamins and minerals that do more harm than good
  • contains a comprehensive matrix of healthy plant compounds that support and promote health, well-being and performance
  • rich in natural antioxidants that effectively protect your body from free radical damage
  • contains the vitamins and minerals that vegans and vegetarians usually ingest in insufficient amounts through their diet
  • also suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • highest quality – Made in Germany

Why should you supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals in concentrated form?

Vitamins and minerals are essential micronutrients without which practically none of the vital body processes could take place and without which you could not survive long – and certainly not build muscle or provide any physical and physical performance. This goes so far that even a shortage of a single vitamin or mineral can severely affect your health and your performance – and in extreme cases can wipe out much of your effort during exercise.

With very few exceptions, your body can not produce these vital nutrients by itself, which means that you have to eat them through your food – or in the form of supplements. From nutritionists, we often hear that a healthy and balanced diet is sufficient to meet the vitamin and mineral needs – and in theory they are right.

Unfortunately, the reality is different. Thus, a prominent part of the population suffers from a lack of vitamins, for which there are a variety of reasons. In addition to a significantly increased need for physically active people such as bodybuilders and (recreational) athletes is an insufficient supply of vitamins and minerals through the diet one of the main reasons.

Honestly – who really nourishes himself balanced and regularly daily and eats a wide range of vitamins and minerals? Even the so-called “clean” bodybuilding diet, which is made up of broccoli, turkey, rice and egg white powder, may be perfect in terms of macronutrient intake – but from the point of view of vitamin and mineral intake, it provides an unparalleled diet and calls for deficiency symptoms of all kinds. 

The Vitamin and Mineral Matrix

And this is where the vitamin and mineral matrix of Vitamins Sport Complex comes into play. This sophisticated- specifically to the increased vitamin/ mineral needs of athletes and other physically active people put together – nutrient mixture is something like your insurance policy against any vitamin and mineral deficiencies and all their devastating effects on your health, your athletic performance and your muscles: if you take too little of certain vitamins and minerals, it will complement your diet perfectly, and if you consume enough vitamins and minerals through your diet, it will not hurt. So you can only win.

Of course, a vitamin and mineral supplement is not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet, but it can be worth gold if not everything is nutritionally perfect.

The enzyme and immune complex of health-promoting plant extracts and supporting co-factors

The enzyme and immune complex comprises a mixture of highly effective plant extracts and co-factors, which have a whole range of health-promoting characteristics, including positive effects on cholesterol blood lipid levels, a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, a reduced risk of diabetes and much more.

In addition to this, many of these ingredients, like vitamin C and vitamin E, have strong antioxidant properties and can neutralize dangerous free radicals that can seriously damage both the genetic makeup of your cells and your muscle cells. This is of crucial importance for hard-training athletes, because during intensive physical exertion, energy metabolism inevitably creates very large amounts of free radicals, which can seriously impair your athletic performance and your regeneration.

Which target groups can particularly benefit from the use of the Vitamin Sport complex?

  • Hard-training athletes and physically active people who have a greatly increased need for vitamins – especially B vitamins.
  • Vegans and vegetarians, since certain vitamins such as vitamin B12 and minerals do not appear in plant foods at all or only in insufficient quantities. 
  • Dieting athletes and non-athletes who only eat insufficient amounts of foods rich in vitamins and minerals due to a greatly reduced calorie intake. 
  • Smokers – because they have an increased need for certain vitamins including vitamins C and E. 
  • Athletes who consume raw eggs in a “rocky” manner, because raw eggs contain adivin, which inhibits the absorption of biotin. 
  • Anyone who does not eat a 100% perfectly balanced diet.

Why “high dosed” doesn’t mean “high dosed”

If you look around the market, on the one hand you will see a lot of vitamin and mineral products that only contain the officially recommended daily requirement of the most important vitamins and minerals and are insufficient for hard-training athletes and other people with an increased vitamin requirement.

These products are contrasted with other products that contain insanely high doses of certain key vitamins, according to the motto “a lot helps a lot” and are supposed to be the ultimate best for every athlete. If you like these products, we have bad news for you! Strong overdoses of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and D are toxic and harmful to health because these vitamins accumulate in the body.

And you’ve probably heard that water-soluble vitamins cannot be overdosed, since excess amounts of these vitamins are simply excreted in the urine. Not even close. For example, an overdose of B vitamins B1 and niacin – vitamins that many manufacturers like to dose extremely high – in the long term lead to nerve damage, liver damage and jaundice.

With our Vitamins Sport Complex, we have put a lot of time and energy into compiling a vitamin and mineral matrix, taking into account the available scientific literature, that perfectly balances between a potential deficiency and a harmful overdose that does more harm than good.

Recommended dosage:
Take 3 capsules daily with plenty of fluids.


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