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  • 1000g
  • pure Creatine Monohydrate
  • 100% Made in germany
  • high purity

Core creatine monohydrate is 100% made in Germany and of very good quality. It dissolves perfectly in water / juice.

Creatine can increase the physical performance during strength training when doing short-term intensive physical activity. Creatine is NOT a doping.
The consumption of creatine is completely harmless and absolutely legitimate for both Muslims and vegans / vegetarians.
Especially vegans / vegetarians benefit of it due to the “undersupply” with meat.

Creatine is now one of the most popular foods in recreational and competitive sports. Especially in the field of weight training creatine can help achieving great results.
Recently (as of 11/2016), new studies have emerged recommending post-workout consumption as it can be most effective.
Since most people don’t train every single day, it should simply be taken in the same time frame.

So let’s say you go to the gym at 5pm and you’re finished by 7-30pm, then you will take your portion daily in between 7 – 8 pm. It is recommended that you take a daily dosis of 5g, as long as you’d like to.


Creatine.. what the hell??

The word creatine is derived from the Latin word for meat (Creas). Creatine is produced in your liver, kidney and pancreas from glycine, arginine and methionine. So it’s your body’s own substance. You can make about 1g per day.

Through your diet (if it is balanced and you are not a vegan / vegetarian) you take on daily 1g on. In a kilo of pork is about 5g of creatine, but only if you eat it raw, since the processing by heat can significantly lower the creatine value again.
Those who have a vegetarian / vegan diet have “problems” to absorb enough creatine through food, since plant foods contain only a small amount of creatine, which is why the body depends on its own production. If you are taking less than 3g of creatine a day, a creatine supplement can help you improve your production during intense and quick short-term workouts.

Myths about Creatin

Creatine and caffeine

Creatine pulls water into the muscle and dehydrates caffeine, so it used to be said that caffeine deprives creatine of water. BS! It used to be said that the earth was flat.

Creatine and kidney damage

Creatine binds water and therefore you should drink a lot, otherwise the kidneys are loaded. You should drink a lot in any case. A burden on the kidneys has not been proven. Again BS!

Creatine and water retention

If you take in 5g every day, you will not have any water retention except those IN the muscles and that’s why you take our Core Creatine in the first place.

Creatine and diarrhea

..can only happen when you’re taking too much creatine. With 5g a day you’re on the safe side.


Creatine and Discontinuing

Nonsense! Not needed! Simply take 5g of Creatine until the bitter end.. period!



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