Whey Zerolight Isolat 750g


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Extremely tasty whey isolate without thickeners. Put 30g of Whey Zerolate and 150ml of water in a shaker and enjoy. No unnatural additives, no fillers or thickeners. Just an extremely delicious Whey isolate. By the way, we have added the enzyme lactase, so that even athletes with an intolerance can use this.

Whey isolate is easier to digest and people with a sensitive stomach report fewer problems using Whey isolates. And here we have the point that convinced us to launch this product. We noticed that there is no “pure” whey isolate, clearly you can buy Whey Isolat without any flavor and additives, but who would like to drink that? – Well, we do not either! An ingredient list must be as short as possible and as long as necessary. Thickening agents, stabilizers and other additives are simply not to be found, at least when it comes to a product that is offered to people with a nervous stomach. These are in our opinion the main target group, at least it should be.

So we got together and tried it out. What we got was our Whey Zerolight with about 1g of sugar and 85-88g of protein per 100g and we have completely omitted the addition of thickeners such as xanthan or guacam flour and added FCC 100,000 lactase. It would only make your stomach more wholesome if you drink it with lukewarm chamomile tea. By dispensing with the thickeners and the particularly high-quality WPI brand raw material that we use, you will only need 150 ml of water for your shake, kind of like a whey Isolate Shot.

  • only 1g sugar per 100g
  • extremely high quality amino acid profile
  • real vanilla extract (only with vanilla)
  • 85-88% protein content
  • 2mg FCC 100,000 lactase per shake
  • no thickening agents
  • no stabilizers

Whey Zerolight is extremely tasty and has an optimal solubility. Due to the small amount of water you need to shake, you enjoy it as a shot. And because we completely made it without additives, of course, the price-performance ratio is even better.


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