Juicy Isolat 1000g


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Juicy Isolate:
Our fruity, fresh Juicy Isolate is made up of 93 – 96 % (depending on the flavor) high-quality whey isolate. The 1000g bags have 83g of protein per 100g.

Fruit, fresh taste:
The Juicy Isolate comes in three delicious, refreshing flavors: Peach Ice Tea, Cherry and Tropical.

Our Juicy Whey contains all essential Amino Acids (EAAs), that are needed for protein synthesis. 

Juicy Isolate is perfect for dieting and sensitive stomachs:
Our Juicy Isolate has almost no fat and no carbs, but it still offers up to 25g of high-quality protein per portion. This means it is perfect for dieting and a healthy nutrition in general. 

Juicy Isolate is a great alternative (to regular whey) for people with sensitive stomachs, as well as lactose intolerance and vegetarians, because it only contains small amounts of lactose.


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